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South Hill Real Estate in VA - Area Information

EXIT TOWN & LAKE REALTY, home of Beth & Beth's team of realtors is a regional real estate company serving counties in Southern Virginia and Northern North Carolina. If you're looking for property, or selling property, in Mecklenburg, Lunenburg, Charlotte, Nottoway or Brunswick Counties in Virginia; or Vance, Northampton or Warren Counties in North Carolina, our team of experienced realtors can help. We specialize in selling South Hill Real Estate in VA

As a first step, let us introduce you to South Hill VA. Our staff can provide much more information, but below you will find some resources that may help you narrow down your search and learn more about this area. To learn more about Lake Gaston, please visit our Lake Gaston Information page.

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South Hill VA Office (New Location)
231 E. Atlantic St.
South Hill VA 23970

Office Phone: 434-447-2766
FAX: 434-447-5739

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Some of the Counties Where We Sell Real Estate...

Map Where We Sell Real Estate
Brunswick County, VA

Brunswick County was established in 1720. Brunswick stretched all the way to the Blue Ridge until 1745. It includes the towns of Brodnax and Lawrenceville. It's located on the border with North Carolina....More Info

Charlotte County, VA

Charlotte County lies in south-central Virginia and is traversed by a wonderful road transportation system including US Route 360, a four-lane divided highway built to interstate standards, along with State Routes 15, 40, 47 and 92....More Info

Lunenburg County, VA

Lunenburg County is located in the south-central area of Virginia. The county's two major towns of Victoria and Kenbridge are 65 miles from Richmond, the state capital....More Info

Mecklenburg County, VA

Mecklenburg County is ideally situated along Virginia's Southern border with North Carolina. On I-85, we’re situated half way between Richmond and Raleigh-Durham. ...More Info

Nottoway County, VA

Nottoway County was first inhabited by the Iroquoian nation tribe called Nadowa. The county is home to the towns of Crewe, Burkville and Blackstone along with nearby Fort Pickett. Nottoway boats "a pleasant balance of open space and friendly towns and a wealth of natural resources."...More Info

Halifax County, NC

Halifax County is located in north eastern-central part of NC and is approximately eight miles from the Virginia border. It is one of the largest geopraphical counties in North Carolina, encompassing an area of approximately 722 square miles with a population of about 55,000 residents. It's most popular city is Roanoke Rapids....More Info

Northampton County, NC

Northampton County was formed in 1741 from Bertie and named for James Compton, the 5th Earl of Northampton. Northampton County is a place of thriving diversity - home to some of the most productive farms in America, state-of-the art manufacturing and distribution facilities operated by leading national and international corporations, small and welcoming towns, and waterfront developments on pristine lakes....More Info

Vance County, NC

Vance County is located along the northern border of North Carolina. The county is named after Zebulon Bair Vance. Vance was created in 1881 from parts of Franklin, Granville and Warren Counties. It's largest city is Henderson....More Info

Warren County, NC

Warren county was formed in 1779 from the northern half of Bute County. Its county seat of Warrenton became a center of commerce and was one of the wealthiest towns in the state from 1840 to 1860. Other towns include Norlina and Macon....More Info

Kerr / Buggs Island Lake

The Army Corps of Engineers operates this 50,000 acre reservoir and an additional 50,000 acres of surrounding land. The 900 miles of wooded shoreline stretch across three counties in Virginia and three in North Carolina...More Info Kerr Lake, NC    ...More Info Kerr Lake, VA

Lake Gaston

Lake Gaston, one of the truly superior lakes in the country. It is some 20,000 acres and 34 miles long, approximately 1 1/2 miles wide at the lower end of the lake. It has over 350 miles of shoreline....More Info