Why Choose EXIT for your Career in Real Estate?

EXIT Realty is a place where real estate brokers on Lake Gaston and in South Hill can actually build an exciting and profitable business and career.

If you are interested in pursuing a career with EXIT Town & Lake Realty, please take the time to view the video shown below for more info on why you should choose EXIT.


MILLIONS and MILLIONS of EXIT signs across North American point to the way. You see EXIT every place you go. Think about it...

  • EXIT is the most advertised name in the world.
  • EXIT signs must be illuminated by law.
  • The word EXIT suggests "Safe Passage".
  • EXIT signs are always strategically located.
  • EXIT has a tremendous subliminal effect.
  • EXIT is memorable - the real purpose of advertising.
  • The Seller is making an "EXIT ".
  • EXIT has four letters/two syllables.
  • EXIT signs are paid for with other people's money!
  • Everybody is looking for a way out!

However, who really makes an EXIT in our Business? THE SELLERS of course! They are moving out and truly understand the meaning of the word.

The EXIT Formula - A new concept for Real Estate Brokers defined by Steve Morris CEO and founder of EXIT Realty Corporation International - "The EXIT Formula is a system of single-level residuals which has been specifically engineered to enhance the return on invested time for salespeople to unheard of levels."

If you are interested in pursuing a career with EXIT Town & Lake Realty, please take the time to view the 18 minute video shown below by Steve Morris.

Benefits of Becoming an EXIT Realty Real Estate Agent


  • Everyone has a VESTED Interest in the growth of EXIT.
  • As the New Recruit sales production improves, the residual bonus IMPROVES to the sponsor!
  • UNLIMITED sponsoring across the Nation.
  • Residuals are received by the sponsor for as long as the new recruit stays and produces business with EXIT. What is the real opportunity? If Bob brings in Susan and she generates $70,000 gross per year, then Bob receives $7,000 in residual bonuses paid out by EXIT's head office as Susan's transactions close. If she produced at this level for 10 years, he would receive $70,000 in bonuses. Bob can sponsor in as many salespeople as he wants and do so in any EXIT office in the system.
  • With sponsoring, you can attain absolute leverage by tapping into the energies of others, creating a future where there was no future before. Sponsoring bonuses fill in the gaps between closings and act as a supplement in the present tense. No longer do agents have to live paycheck-to-paycheck.
  • EXIT is beyond all question, the finest business, family and personal decision that you will ever make, bar none. EXIT will prove to be the most profitable investment of your entire career.

EXIT Realty - A new concept for Real Estate Brokers

Contact EXIT TOWN & LAKE REALTY today to find out how you can start a career in Real Estate. 


A Career in Real Estate with EXIT Realty


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